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Discover what's happening on your computer with ProcessThreadsView

It's barely per week since NirSoft owner Nir Sofer launched his last creation, CustomExplorer. However the prolific developer has already been back with ProcessThreadsView, a effective low-level system monitoring tool that shows in-depth info on the threads of whatever process you specify.

And that we do mean "in-depth". Select a process and you will get to determine all of its threads, together with their creation time, thread ID, status, quantity of context switches, base and dynamic priority, window title (if appropriate), class far more more.

Additionally, there are extra information available that is not displayed automatically. If you pick the Options menu you'll be able to monitor call stacks, processor registers, stack binary values, addresses and so forth. And you are not limited to simply watching activity: this program can suspend and resume threads, too.

Obviously if you are already acquainted with tools like Process Explorer or Process Hacker than the might not appear too interesting, as each of individuals utilities may also display in-depth particulars on process threads. But ProcessThreadsView comes with a few advantages that may allow it to be worth a location inside your troubleshooting toolkit.

First, this program does not restrict you to definitely monitoring threads in a tiny section of merely one dialog box, like Process Explorer: you are able to maximize its window to easier monitor how a number of different thread characteristics change with time. Second, ProcessThreadView will automatically display strings about the stack of the selected process, which let you know substantially much more about how it is doing.

For example, pick the Explorer process, then choose the thread using the biggest quantity of context switches. On our bodies this revealed Web addresses, file names, Registry secrets and much more, a extended listing of helpful low-level information.

Apply exactly the same idea elsewhere and ProcessView is quite helpful when you wish to watch adware and spyware, discover why a thread has apparently locked up, or execute every other low-level system explorations. So that as its executable is really a mere 80KB, we'd hazard a guess that you could find space for that program, somewhere: so go grab a duplicate immediately.

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