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Facial recognition software can ID your SSN

As though there were not enough insecurity about Social Security amounts, now there's more reason to fret: College scientists have discovered that using facial recognition software and social networking profiles ?a like individuals on Twitter and facebook ?a makes it simpler to determine individuals' SSNs.

"You'll be able to identify other people and gain their private information ?a possibly even their Social Security amounts ?a by utilizing face recognition software and social networking profiles," Carnegie Mellon College stated, in announcing the findings of CyLab investigator Alessandro Acquisti and the team.

This really is familiar territory for Acquisti's team this past year, their research discovered that online details about an individual's birth date and put of birth could allow identity thieves to reckon that person's Ssn.

Within their recent research, Acquisti, an connected professor of knowledge technology and public policy, and CMU postdoctoral guys Rob Gross and Fred Stutzman, used three technologies: an "off-the-shelf face recognizer" (the PittPatt technology, lately bought by Google, and something that started in Carnegie Mellon's labs), cloud computing and "openly available information from social networking sites" to "identify people offline and online within the physical world," the college stated inside a pr release.

"As these technology is also accessible by finish-customers, the outcomes foreshadow the next whenever we all might be identifiable in the pub ?a not only by buddies or government departments using sophisticated products, but by anybody having a smartphone and Web connection.Inch

The scientists say "smartphone" simply because they also produced a smartphone application to "demonstrate ale making exactly the same sensitive implications in tangible-time. In a good example of 'augmented reality,' the applying uses offline an internet-based data to overlay personal and information within the target's face about the device's screen."

Frightening, indeed. "The seamless merging of offline and online data that face recognition and social networking make possible boosts the problem of the items privacy means within an augmented reality world," Acquisti stated.

The outcomes from the Carnegie Mellon study will be provided now in the Black Hat security conference in Vegas.

For the PittPatt technology itself, and Google's purchase of it, the search giant states it's no intends to utilize it using its lately released Google or other services.

Google spokesperson Chris Gaither stated inside a recent statement towards the Washington Publish, ve stated that people won? add face recognition to the applications or product features unless of course we now have strong privacy protections in position, and that?¡¥s still the situation.

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