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Gundam Vehicle Navigation Software Available These Days for apple iphone

Andriasang reviews that Namco Bandai has released the very first of the suggested new number of apple iphone navigation programs known as Character Navi. The very first entry within the series relies around Gundam, and besides offering standard navigation features, additionally, it offers "fight occasions" into the spotlight.

Fortunately for you personally as driver (and then any cops watching) succeeding during these fight occasions does not require any interaction from you -- simply drive past the position of the enemy Mobile Suit into the spotlight and you will defeat them. Screenshots suggest your score is monitored throughout your trip -- will this result in people frequently turning up late to visits simply because they desired to chase lower an opponent Mobile Suit?

Unhealthy news? It's only accessible for Japanese apple iphone 4 and 3GS proprietors at this time, and charges ¡ê¡è3,500 (about $45) for any year's usage.

If LucasArts does not steal this concept making a The Exorcist trench run navigation application, it's missing an enormous chance.

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