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New Software Feature Guarantees the Team Reviews Critical Business Document

Making certain that mission-critical business documents that need action are delivered to your team people is just half the task done, until they've examined them and confirmed exactly the same with the addition of their comments, if any. The inability to communicate document revisions can lead to project delays, cost escalations and perhaps even lost business possibilities. Say "Goodbye!" to those communication challenges as well as their effects forever, using the new solution from Globodox document management software.

Enterprise document management software Globodox from ITAZ Technologies now provides you with a chance to send any document for your team for review and a lasting record of the acknowledgement. What this means is your team people can evaluate the changes produced by you and also add their comments, if any. It functions as an same as the "read receipt" feature present in email programs. It saves particulars of who examined the document, when and what comments they left. The particulars are saved together with the document itself and may be utilized whenever. The brand new feature guarantees that the team won't miss the revisions you earn and can have the ability to give their feedback or just acknowledge they have noted the alterations and you'll have a lasting record of when each individual inside your team has examined any document.

Presenting this addition designed to Globodox, Shiraz Ahmed, Boss of ITAZ Technologies, stated Time savings, simplicity of use and enhanced communication would be the key benefits that any document management software must provide its customers. The brand new feature in Globodox does that. For example, let us if you have 30 people inside your team. You simply modified an essential policy document and wish them all to examine the alterations and add their comments. With just one click, you are able to send the document towards the entire team or selected team people. Them all will take a look at document and a number of them might even leave a comment. Because this happens, Globodox will record the time and date when each team member confirmed they have examined the document it'll make that information available included in the document history. This means better communication and faster action inside a couple of simple steps.Inch

Explaining the requirement for this enhancement, Shiraz stated, "Our clients faced situations where they thought an excuse for an easy method to speak document revisions for their team people. Their feedback assisted us design and develop this solution."

This enhancement comes included in a software update designed to Globodox.

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